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Capital Music Center’s business model is built around solutions to the age old statement:  Why did my mother let me quit piano lessons!  There are challenges in learning to play the piano that may include:  Traditional piano lessons seem to be musically boring.  Traditional pianos offer nothing to aid you in the learning process.   Does every student really have a musical has talent? Why are piano lessons only taught once a week for 30 minutes?  Well here are some tips that might help get you a more successful and positive start in to learning to play the piano:

  • Get an Interactive Learning Piano. Roland Pianos include Interactive Music Tutoring Technology that help you practice and learn to play the piano. The most popular model is the Roland HPi-50e since it is designed specifically for piano students. The Roland HP-504 is a scaled down version that includes basic tutoring technology, while the Roland LX-17 is the ultimate piano designed for teachers and advancing students.
  • Rent a piano. You can rent-to-purchase a Roland Digital Piano for as low as $39 per month. Don’t waste money on an old worn out piano that needs lots of work and tuning or an insufficient cheap keyboard that doesn’t have enough keys or even feel like a piano. Students need good equipment from lesson number one. This rental plan is the least expensive route to go until you can make sure the student is going to stick with it.
  • Try the Roland Music Tutor Practice Aid. It helps any piano student of any level practice between lessons. The Roland Music Tutor works with any acoustic piano or digital piano or keyboard. Most Roland Pianos have the Music Tutor built in to them. You can use the Music Tutor with any piano teacher, any style of music, any piano method, and any level of musicianship. You can rent the Music Tutor to see if it will really help you.
  • Get a teacher that utilizes modern piano methods and incorporates technology aids to help the student practice and learn the six days and twenty three and a half hours a week between lessons. Capital Music Center has one of the best piano lesson programs in the Austin area. We can also refer you to one of the over 250 area piano teachers that subscribe to these beliefs. If possible, start your child in a group class to make learning more fun. Most kids would quit band if they had to take a year of private lessons before they could be in the band. If private lessons are the only choice, then at least the Roland Music Tutor or a Roland Interactive Learning Piano gives some of the benefits of playing along with others.


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