iPad + Roland

How to Connect Roland to iPad

  • EASIEST is the wired Connection – VIDEO – works with all apps requiring MIDI connectivity.
    • Connect the iPad to the piano with the following two items:
      • 1) for iPad 2 & 3 with old style connection:  Requires iPad USB camera kit $30
      • 1) iPad 4, iPad mini, and later with new style lightning connection:  Requires a Lightning to Female USB cable
      • 2) USB printer cable to connect the Square USB on the Roland Piano (most people extras of these sitting around from old printers and such)
    • These items are available at CapMusic, Apple Store, Best Buy, Amazon.com
  • USB Wireless – for Roland Models:  F20, F130R, HP504, HP506, HP508, RP400, RP401R, TD11, TD25.  Requires the Netgear N150 or Onkyo UWF-1 Wireless LAN Adapter.  Please note that wireless connection sounds great in theory, but in reality only works with a limited number of apps, for example, the free Roland Piano Partner app listed below.  The wireless adapter is available free of charge for customers that purchase(d) or rent(ed) a Roland from CapMusic while supplies last.
  • Bluetooth MIDI – Roland Models that have Bluetooth MIDI include: DP-603, FP-30, FP-90, F-140R, HP-603, HP-605, LX-7, LX-17, RP-501R, and S2.
  • Bluetooth AUDIO– Roland Models that have Bluetooth AUDIO include: DP-603, FP-90, HP-605, LX-7, LX-17, and S2.
    • On your iOS device use “Settings – Bluetooth” to connect Bluetooth Audio (ex. “LX-7 Audio”)
    • Bluetooth Audio allows your iOS device to use the piano speakers rather than the iOS’s own tiny little internal speaker

Music apps that Interact with features of a Roland Digital piano

  • Roland Piano Partner App – contains flash cards, control panel, and shows the music notation for the built-in demo songs of most Roland Piano models like the F130R, RP401R, HP500 Series, LX-15, LX-15e.
  • Roland Piano Partner 2 App – contains flash cards, control panel, rhythms, and shows the music notation for the built-in demo songs of bluetooth Roland Piano models including DP-603, FP-30, FP-90, F-140R, HP-603, HP-605, LX-7, LX-17, RP-501R, and S2. (update your piano to the latest version from RolandUS)
  • piaScore Sheet Music Reader – app featuring free access to over 70,000 classical songs and takes advantage of Roland Page Turning feature found in these models:  DP-603, FP-30, FP-90, F-140R, HP-603, HP-605, LX-7, LX-17, RP-501R, and S2.
  • Sheet Music Direct – World’s largest available sheet music library, over 100,000 songs available.  Many will play as MIDI file to help you learn the piece.
  • PlayAlong – Hal Leonard’s Play Along is the first iPad App that combines interactive sheet music, pro-quality audio backing tracks and powerful practice/performance tools.  Learn, play, record, share, perform top songs right on your iPad!
  • Home Concert Xtreme (HCX) Notation App * Video of How to use HCX – HCX displays music notation and tracks the student playing, indispensable tool for helping learn to read notes and keep steady rhythm.  This app is one of the most versatile of all apps because it uses MIDI files from any piano method, book, or the Internet.
  • App for the “Faber Piano Adventures Course
  • App for “Music For Little Mozarts” by Alfred Publishing
  • Piano Maestro” App by Joy Tunes – very cool musical app, can work with wired connection, has all the songs from the Alfred Premier Piano course plus more
  • Garage Band – it has sounds and lets you record multiple tracks…drums, bass, piano, strings, etc.
  • SuperScore – the premiere app for viewing, managing, and interacting with your library of musical scores. SuperScore provides virtually unlimited notation sizes with Liquid Music Display™ technology. Simply use the standard pinch and spread gestures to find the size and layout that is right for you.
  • Synthesia” – awesome visualization of MIDI files

Good Music apps to have (but don’t need to connect to features of the piano)

  • Amazing Slow Downer – slows down any song on your smart device with lowest loss of quality for apps that do this
  • Bastien Flashcard App – Perfect your note reading on any piano
  • Bastien Key Signature App – An easy and fun way for students to learn their key signatures
  • Chord Tracker– Notates the chord by measure of any song on your smart device
  • Flashnote Derby – Musical note flashcards (lets you choose the notes to focus on)
  • Rhythm Cat – A fun app that will help students read basic music rhythms
  • Tenuto – Theory & Ear Training App
  • Tonora – Practice more, learn faster, play better Wolfie iPad app offers a supportive, active and flexible environment for promoting consistent, high-impact practice.  For all ages and levels of piano students.

Music apps that Interact with features of Roland V-Drums

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