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Sell us your Piano

We love used pianos in good condition.  Here is a list of the type of instruments we have a market to resell and save you the hassle of strangers coming in to your home.  We can easily resale a good quality piano because we offer them with warranty, financing options, rental options, delivery, etc.

  • Acoustic Grand and Upright Pianos (the newer the better, especially brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Boston, Baldwin etc.)
  • Digital Pianos (the newer the better, especially brands like Roland & Yamaha)

What’s not good.  The older the piano gets, the harder it is to resell.  Acoustic uprights older than 40 years are extremely difficult, Acoustic grands older than 30 years, digital pianos older than 15 years, acoustic pianos that have not been tuned on a regular basis (pianos are supposed to be tuned once a year whether played or not), most acoustic pianos were built for low price rather than quality and those are difficult to resale.

Call us and we can talk you through the best resale options.   512-458-1933.

Thinking of donating?  A very worthy cause that is a program called “Kids in a New Groove” http://kidsinanewgroove.org/ that provides kids in foster care with donated instruments and lessons to go along with it.  Schools and churches love a high quality piano that may be no more than a couple of years old.  They need high quality instruments for students, functions, etc.  They don’t need a piano that needs a lot of repair, can’t stay in tune, etc, and they often don’t have the budget to get them moved or keep them tuned, so tread gently to not donate a burden to them.

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