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What are midi files?  how do they help students practice?  where can i buy them?  etc.

What are MIDI Files?

A MIDI file is a digital file that contains a series of MIDI messages, which are essentially codes instructing electronic instruments on what to play. These messages can include information on pitch, velocity, timbre, and more, allowing for precise control over the sound being produced.

Benefits of MIDI files in piano education (features below depend on the capabilities of the digital piano, keyboard, app, or computer software you are using):

  • can be slowed down or speed up with zero loss of quality
  • can mute the left hand or right hand or any or all of the accompaniment
  • music notation can be displayed
  • can move forward or backward by measure
  • syncs up in precise time with metronome
  • can change the instrumentation

Video explaining about the benefits of practicing with MIDI files from the piano teacher and piano student point of view CLICK HERE

Where to buy MIDI Files

MIDI Files on our website for quick purchase instant download CLICK HERE

Complete Catalog on our website of Piano Books with MIDI Files  CLICK HERE

Use your favorite search engine to find MIDI files.  Search things like “beethoven piano midi file” or “moonlight sonata midi file”

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