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ROLAND MT-90U Practice Partner for Piano Students


The Music Tutor uses MIDI Files that are offered with most piano methods. The Music Tutor is an essential practice partner for the practice days between piano lessons.

Music is a language you need to hear everyday

Most piano methods have an optional download of MIDI files available to use in the Music Tutor

Interactively learn with MIDI Files

  • Slow down or speed up to any tempo
  • Mute tracks (turn off the right or left hand or accompaniment independently)
  • Move forward or backward by measure
  • Set practice loops with the A/B Marker

Practicing with the Music Tutor is like having your teacher sit beside you every day you practice

Way more fun than practicing with a metronome

Students sound MUSICAL so they want to practice MORE

Plays CD’s, Wav Files, or MP3’s with the ability to change speed +/- 25%, remove vocal part, or transpose

Works with acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and keyboards

Here’s a simple plan for local area piano students to try out the Music Tutor:

  • Try it out for only $10 per month
  • No minimum rental period
  • 50% of each month’s rent apply toward the purchase of the Music Tutor
  • Purchase or return anytime
  • Easy automatic payments with credit card or debit card
  • Rental Application

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