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Roland TD-27KV2 V-Drums Digital Drum Set

$ 3,499.99

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  • Free extended warranty
  • Local help and support from our experienced staff of musicians and drummers
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Practice. Improve. Rehearse. Record. Perform. Rest. Repeat.

The TD27KV2 offers three significant upgrades over the previously popular selling TD27KV:  It now comes with the VH-14D 14″ digital hi-hat (same hi-hat that’s included with the pro-level TD-50 kits), thinner crash cymbals, and some new samples and new kits in the module.  As always, Roland delivers the immersive sound and response that you only get with V-Drums. At its heart is the powerful TD-27 sound engine, filled with premium-grade, fully-customizable drum and cymbal sounds. Advanced digital trigger technology detects every playing nuance in ultra-high definition, while large-diameter drum and cymbal pads offer exceptional feel, presented in a spacious acoustic-style layout.

When you need an expressive drum kit for recording and rehearsal duties, the TD-27KV2 V-Drums delivers. With generously sized pads all round, there’s plenty of space to get comfortable behind the kit. Then there’s the natural and superior expression that you only get from Roland’s unique digital snare, hi-hat, and ride pads. And it’s all hooked up to the updated TD-27 module, complete with new preset kits, effects, and processing capabilities—based on the same technology found in Roland’s flagship TD-50X. Practice with songs via wireless Bluetooth® audio. Record up to 28 channels of audio through a single USB cable, and then take your sound out on the road with assignable direct audio outputs. Whether practicing, recording, rehearsing, an aspiring drum student, or gigging, a drummer’s life is a busy one—so pick the kit that can do it all.

Premium Playability with Large Pads and Digital Triggering

With the TD-27KV2’s spacious layout and large, comfortable pads, all your standard acoustic drum techniques will translate without compromise. Our famous mesh heads and newly developed thin cymbals offer feel and response that’s both familiar and satisfying. And with Roland’s advanced digital pad technology and the TD-27 module’s high-speed processing, you can draw unlimited color and nuance from the snare, hi-hat, and ride—the most expressive elements in any drum kit.

14-Inch Digital Snare

The PD-140DS digital snare pad works with the high-speed processing in the TD-27 module to bring the ultimate expression to your snare work. A three-layer mesh head is fitted to a standard 14-inch shell for natural rebound and feel. The multi-element sensor system tracks your playing across the pad, with head, rimshots, and cross-stick techniques all instantly detected in real time—without needing to change settings in the module.  {Please note:  like an acoustic drum set, to give you maximum versatility manufacturers of quality drum sets do not include a snare stand because each drummer will have their own preference for quality, style, design, and brand of snare stand}

14-Inch Digital Hi-Hat

With unrivaled touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution, the VH-14D is simply the best electronic hi-hat available. The 14-inch top/bottom cymbal design mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat for an authentic look and feel. Playing dynamics, stick techniques, and foot articulations are all captured with perfect detail, thanks to the high-resolution detection system and lightning-fast module processing. {Please note:  like an acoustic drum set, to give you maximum versatility manufacturers of quality drum sets do not include a hi-hat stand because each drummer will have their own preference for quality, style, design, and brand of hi-hat stand}

18-Inch Digital Ride Cymbal

The CY-18DR brings limitless tonal colors to your ride playing. From edge to bell, every articulation is detected with ultra-detailed dynamics and response. Techniques from cymbal rolls to soft bell strokes are fully translated, and you can even mute the bow and bell with a gentle finger touch.

Thin Crash Cymbals

The TD-27KV2 comes with thin-profile V-Cymbals from the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, offering more natural movement when played. And just like acoustic cymbals, you can grab the edge to choke the sound and draw out different tones depending on whether you play the bow or the edge.

Authentic Kick Feel—Without the Noise

A nice solid kick drum usually comes with a nice loud noise. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want, but your family or neighbors may not feel the same way. The KD-10 kick pad absorbs much of the noise thanks to its rubber cover combined with a dedicated cushion—but retains that satisfying kick drum “thud” when a beater buries into a bass drum head. And it’s compatible with all standard kick pedals, both single and double.  {Please note that like acoustic drum sets, manufacturers of high quality drum kits do not include a bass drum pedal because each drummer will have their own preference of quality, style, design, and brand}.


  • Premium V-Drums kit with flagship-class sound
  • Updated TD-27 sound module with enhanced features and advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling derived from the flagship TD-50X
  • 75 ready-to-play preset kits, including 10 all-new kits and a variety of new samples
  • 14-inch digital snare, 14-inch digital hi-hat, and 18-inch ride cymbal with high-resolution, multi-sensor triggering for unparalleled dynamics and accurate positional detection
  • Large-diameter mesh-head pads and thin-profile cymbals provide an acoustic-like playing experience
  • Drum in a variety of hyper-realistic sound spaces with PureAcoustic Ambience technology
  • Enhanced layer and transient functions plus support for parallel compression
  • Updated module interface for even faster sound selection and drum customization
  • Import your WAV samples via an SD card
  • Stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for sending individual drum sounds to a PA mixer
  • Integrated 28-channel USB audio interface for professional computer music production
  • Three auxiliary trigger inputs for easy kit expansion
  • Onboard Bluetooth for drumming with music from a smartphone or laptop
  • Built-in practice tools for developing drumming skills
  • Learn more at www.Roland.com.

Advantages of purchasing your new TD-27KV2 from Capital Music Center:

  • Nothing down, 12 month Same-As-Cash with approved credit*
  • We extend the manufacturer carry-in warranty ONE additional year ($175 value)
  • 15% discount off optional accessories that you need to complete your drum set such as a throne, bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, sticks, amp, headphones, etc.
  • You get our local help and support from our experienced staff of musicians and drummers
  • Your choice of:  In store pickup, free delivery within 75 mile radius, or free shipping within Texas ($75 value)
    • Upon request we can pre-assemble your drum set before you pick it up ($75 value)*
    • Upon request we can pre-assemble, deliver, AND professionally setup the V-Drum Set in your home so you can start enjoying it right away ($150 value)*
    • It typically takes our professional about an hour to assemble this drum kit ahead of time, then about another 15 minutes setting it up in your home.
    • Check out this time-lapse video of us unboxing and assembling a Roland V-Drum Set: CLICK HERE
  • Only store in Texas with at least 6 different Roland V-Drums Models set up and on display to try out
  • We are a Premier Roland Dealer which is a program that acknowledges dealers that have teamed with Roland to provide the best end-user experience possible. In addition, customers can expect a wider selection of products by visiting a Roland Premier Dealer.
  • Rent-to-Purchase Option for customers within 45 mile radius:
    • $399/month with no minimum period (subject to availability)
    • $249/month with a 4 month minimum
    • $149/month with a 4 month minimum AND you or your child are taking lessons from a qualified drum teacher
    • 100% of first 6 months are at zero interest AND apply toward purchase
    • For more benefits and details CLICK HERE
    • Rent-to-Purchase Option is at regular price (NOT the temporary Holiday Special Price)
    • To see all of our rent-to-purchase v-drums options:  CLICK HERE
    • Items with an asterisk are not included with rent-to-purchase option

FAQ:  I already own a TD27KV…can I upgrade it?

  • Roland has a free software update for your TD27 module to give it ALL the new functions and features the updated TD27 module.
  • Capital Music Center will take your VH-10 hi-hat with control cylinder and washer that originally came with your TD-27KV V-Drum Kit on trade toward the new VH-14D 14″ digital hi hat.  Call us or come in for details.  If you purchased your TD27KV from us originally, we will also give you a discount on the VH-14D as well.
  • What about upgrading to the thinner crash cymbals?  Actually, this is an excellent opportunity to ADD a third crash cymbal to your drum kit!  The new CY-12C-T 12″ crash is only $249.99, or the CY-14C-T 14″ crash is only $369.99.  You’ll also need the MDY-STD cymbal mount for $149.99.  And of course if you purchased your TD27KV from us you get a discount on accessories.

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