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Basics of Rent-to-Purchase

Here are the primary benefits of our unique Rent-to-Purchase plan

  • 100% of first 6 months apply toward the purchase – plenty of time to see if it’s successful
  • You get a BRAND new instrument without fully committing to purchasing it UNTIL you feel everything is right
  • Within the first 12 months you can apply your credit toward any upgraded purchase
  • Gives you time to decide how you or your child likes lessons BEFORE committing to purchasing an instrument AND you have the flexibility to change
  • This plan is designed to be simple and easy to take the pressure off making a hard decision today
  • This plan is interest free for 6 months AND you have the option to pay it off at any time, return it anytime after the four month minimum, or apply the your rental credit toward an upgraded purchase within 12 months
  • Best case scenario…you love the instrument and pay it off anytime within 6 months and it was a 6 month interest free loan
  • Mid case scenario…sometime between now and 12 months you are having such a great time that you decide to apply your rental credit toward an upgraded instrument
  • Worst case scenario…you are out a fraction of what purchasing an instrument and then trying to resell it would’ve cost you

Read our FAQ’s for delivery or pickup options, deposits, rental area limits, and more.

Start your Rent-to-Purchase TODAY:  Call 512-458-1933 or come on in, or CLICK HERE.

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