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Qualified Teacher

Q: How do you define “student” to qualify for a rate that was advertised as “student rate”?
A: A student is an adult or a child enrolled in piano or drum lessons with a qualified piano or drum teacher.

Q: Do we have to take lessons from CapMusic to get the student rental rate?
A: No. You can be a student of any qualified piano teacher or drum instructor in the Austin Metro Area. We have a list of over 500 teachers already on the approved list in Austin as well as every city from Georgetown to San Marcos, from Elgin to Spicewood. If your teacher is not on our list, we can communicate with them to see if they meet the qualifications to be added.

Q: Who is a qualified teacher?
A: A professional piano or drum teacher, usually with a degree in music or education, and teaches many students.  We have a list of over 500 piano or drum teachers in the Austin Metro area, so there’s a good chance your teacher is already on the qualified teacher list.  If they are not, you may provide your teacher’s contact info so we can verify and add them to the qualified teacher list.

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