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Yamaha U3 52″ Professional Upright Piano USED

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The U3 is one of the most sought after used pianos on the market.  It is constantly recommended by teachers, tuners, piano technicians, and pianists.  We focus only on the best U3’s to be found on the market.  They are always in EXCELLENT like new mint condition!  We always seem to find them, and almost always have a high quality used one in stock.  Most people are surprised when we tell them the U3 they are looking at is actually a used piano.  The U3 is 4 inches taller than the U1 and offers a better bass and overall deeper tone.  Bring your music and come try the U3 out today!

Why buy a used piano??? Last year in the United States there were over an estimated 1 million pianos sold, of those, 30,000 were new, and the remainder of over 970,000 were used. It’s hard to compare a used piano to buying a used car or a used computer or almost anything else used. If you normally buy things new, there are lots of good reasons to buy a high quality used piano. Here are just a few: a piano soundboard improves with age, a new piano’s tone doesn’t start to mature until it’s five to ten years old, a piano’s action takes several years to break in, a well cared for top brand piano that’s 30 or 40 years old is virtually like buying new, but for about a third of the price. The Yamaha U3 pianos are designed and built to last 100+ years.  We’ve been in business for 30 years and Yamaha is an amazing, awesome brand of piano, top quality, you are simply not going to have a problem with this piano.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  our pricing is so reasonably fair and coupled with the fact that the Yamaha U3 pianos have a proven track record of holding their value over time, we guarantee that at minimum we will give YOU what you paid US for the U3 piano itself when you trade up to one of our grand pianos within the next five years.