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Roland HPi-50e Interactive Digital Piano (USED)

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We leave this product listing here for two reasons:  1) as a resource for owners of this model for video demos and support links below; 2) this piano has a good resale market, we occasionally get a rent return, etc.

The oxymoron we get asked everyday from parents:  I want to get a basic piano for my child to start lessons but I don’t too much because I’m afraid they may not stick with it.  The simple answer is to get a piano that solves the problem of why kids “don’t stick with piano.”  The Roland HPi-50e is designed from the ground up to help you or your child learn to play the piano.  This is flat out our number one selling piano because it makes sense!  The built-in screen contains ONLY the features that help you learn to play and is free from the distractions found on tablets (clash of clans, Facebook, Instagram, chat notifications, etc.).

Bringing together Roland’s top-level touch, tone, and digital advantages in one attractive, space-saving instrument, the HPi-50e offers premium performance at an incredible value. True piano authenticity is further enhanced with the Dynamic Harmonic feature newly integrated into the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, and the new flagship PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel brings a new level of expression with the latest touch-sensing technology. Individual Note Voicing lets you adjust the sound of each key to suit your taste, while the innovative Headphones 3D Ambience effect provides a rich, immersive experience for your private practice sessions. Additionally, powerful onboard DigiScore features are displayed in high-resolution on the large color LCD that’s built into the music rest, with digital sheet music and a wide range of skill-building exercises and games that make learning and playing fun for all ages.  READ MORE…

The coolest feature of the HPi50e is that it has a tablet type of device built right in to the piano!  The whole system is designed to get students up and playing ASAP.  This is our teachers favorite piano for their students to learn on.  (This piano also eliminates the distractions that students experience when they use an iPad or Android and constantly get interrupted with text messages, Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat notifications, and all the other distractions that teachers and parents see happen with students).  With the HPi-50e everything is geared toward keeping you focused on the music!

  • This is an Interactive Learning Piano designed specifically for piano students
  • DigiScore LCD displays music notes inside Music Rest
  • Large LCD makes everything easier to use
  • Visual Lesson grades or scores you on practice, progress, and performance
  • Add virtually any song (MIDI file) you want to play or learn via download
  • Interactive Educational Games—Flash cards, Rhythm Training, Ear Training, Etc.

Video Demos:    Overview of Features | Visual Lesson | Operating Tips | Example of using HPi with a lesson book
Support:  Catalog of MIDI Files for DigiScore Interactive Learning Feature | Internet contains thousands of MIDI Files for DigiScore

View complete specs here:  ROLAND HPi-50e

Rent-to-Purchase Option for Austin Area Customers:  $79 per month (or $59 per month if you are a parent of a minor child enrolling or enrolled for piano lessons with a qualified piano teacher), 100% of first 6 payments apply toward the purchase, you can pay it off or return it at anytime after a four month minimum, if you pay it off in 6 months it is treated same as cash, perfect no lose situation if your child decides they don’t like piano lessons.

Rent-to-Purchase Details:  FAQ’s * Rent-to-Purchase Application