Yamaha U1 48″ Studio Upright Piano USED

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The Yamaha U1 is one of the most sought after used pianos on the market.  We sell a couple dozen used ones a year and almost always have one or two in stock that will range slightly in price based on condition and the year model.  We acquire used U1’s one of four ways:  We purchase them from individuals, take them on trade, or on consignment, but the best used ones are the refurbished ones as these offer the best value.  Refurbished U1’s will cosmetically look like new.  The internal mechanisms have been gone through and put back to factory specification either by adjustments or by replacing worn parts.  Think about this…an acoustic piano’s action alone contains about 8000 parts, many of which wear and deteriorate over time.  Yamaha U1 pianos are the most popular of all the studio pianos purchased in the United States* as well as Japan.  And just to clarify any confusion out there (ex. misinformation on the web):  All Yamaha U1’s are made in Hamamatsu, Japan.  (Other variations like the T1, M1, etc are made in other countries and are not famous for the quality that the U1 offers).

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*NOTE:  To put “most popular of studio pianos purchased in the U.S” in to perspective:  According to latest Industry Data, combining all brands, in 2016 there were 4055 new 48″ to 52″ studio pianos sold in the U.S. at an average price of $10824 each.  If you divide 4055 by 50 states = 81 per state, then if figured at a measly 10 cities per state, that is 8 pianos per city per year.  By comparison there were 150,000 Digital Pianos Sold and an estimated 1,000,000 used pianos sold.  Source:  The Music Trades, April 2017