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Roland LX Pianos are Ideal Piano for Churches and Schools

Roland has created the ULTIMATE acoustic upright studio piano replacement that is especially ideal for churches, schools, stage or classroom, anywhere a better piano is desired, and in any environment where the temperature is not kept constant.

The Roland LX-Series Pianos are designed in every way to replace the acoustic studio piano because of major benefits:

  • It is ALWAYS in tune and NEVER needs tuning (most schools and churches turn off the heat or AC in evenings, weekends, and holidays which severely affects the tuning and stability of an acoustic piano but not a digital piano).
  • There is virtually no maintenance or repair
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty parts AND labor
  • Sound and quality does not degrade over time – it will sound the same 25 years from now as it does today
  • It’s a third of the weight
  • It has hundreds of sounds including strings, organ, harpsichord, celesta, saxophone, tuba, carillon, synth, etc.
  • With the shorter LX models Teachers, pianists, and accompanists can see students or choir members over the top of the piano while playing the piano
  • Longer music rest so you can spread out music to minimize or prevent page turns
  • USB Memory Stick Port:  You can pre-record your piano playing and play it back while you interactively teach the class or rehearse the choir instead of being stuck behind the piano
  • Place a copy of your Elementary General Music Curriculum, Choral, Band, or Orchestral Piece to a USB Flash drive, plug it in to the piano and slow down or speed up the songs, remove the vocals, and transpose the music up or down

A COMPACT UPRIGHT-STYLE INSTRUMENT THAT LOOKS ELEGANT:  Despite its compact design, the LX piano models carry a presence that’s both stately and elegant. With their brilliant mirror-like sheen and graceful classic curves, these beautiful pianos bring the majestic look of a premium acoustic piano to your school or church, yet with a practical, space-saving depth that you will greatly appreciate. With the optional polished finish, you can see your fingers mirrored in the opened keyboard lid as you play, and you can also use its top portion as a convenient holder for sheet music. In addition to offering a pleasing traditional appearance, opening the top level LX Piano Models top lid provides a natural variation in tone, just like opening the lid on an acoustic grand piano. The lid also features a special safety mechanism, ensuring that it always closes slowly to avoid injury to your fingers.

ENJOY THE NATURAL, ORGANIC SOUND OF AN AUTHENTIC GRAND PIANO:  The LX-Series brings you a rich and rewarding musical experience every time you sit down to play, thanks to Roland’s advanced SuperNATURAL Piano technology. Just like a fine acoustic grand, each note has its own character, and the tonal color changes seamlessly with your touch to accurately translate your emotions into sound. Tone decay is natural and organic as well, with the decaying sound not only decreasing in volume, but also gradually changing in color to a softer tone. In addition to authentic grand piano tones, an upright piano tone is now included, which provides the unique short decay and up-close sound of a traditional upright instrument.

ACCURATE RESPONSE TO THE FULL RANGE OF DYNAMIC EXPRESSION:  As you refine your piano skills, your ability to play with a strong touch will improve, and the unique overtone characteristics created with fortissimo playing will provide a new palette of tonal colors for you to explore. The newly developed Dynamic Harmonic feature allows you to adjust these characteristics to your taste, offering a deep level of expressive control that will be welcomed by more experienced players as well.

CUSTOMIZE THE SOUND TO SUIT YOUR PLAYING STYLE, CHURCH, CLASSROOM, OR STAGE:  The LX-Series gives you a multitude of ways to adjust the piano’s sound to suit your personal playing style or a specific musical genre. Using the onboard Piano Designer, you can easily modify overall tonal elements such as string resonance, temperament, hammer noise, and many others. For even more detailed customization, the newly added Individual Note Voicing feature lets you adjust the pitch, level, and tonal character independently for all 88 notes. In addition to personal tone shaping, this unique and powerful voicing option is also useful for balancing the overall piano sound to perfectly suit the acoustic properties of any room or the response of a particular set of headphones. Using optional USB memory, you can save and recall your favorite custom settings to instantly change the piano’s sound for any application.

ENHANCED TOUCH TO FEED YOUR INSPIRATION:  With its sophisticated touch, the LX-Series inspires players of every skill level to take their piano performances to new heights. Roland’s flagship PHA-50 Hybrid Concert Grand Key Action with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel includes the latest touch-detection technology, allowing you to deeply explore SuperNATURAL Piano’s expansive tonal range. With fast key repetition and high-resolution sensing, the PHA-50 Hybrid Grand Key Mechanism faithfully translates into sound the subtlest differences in tone from different playing styles and dynamics. In addition, the keys are finished with specially developed materials that have moisture-absorbing properties, providing the natural texture and tactile sensation of real ivory and ebony keys on a fine acoustic grand. The PHA-50 authentic hammer-action mechanism also produces less audible noise than previous designs, a welcome feature for not disturbing others when playing with the speakers muted during practice sessions with headphones.

AUTHENTIC DAMPER PEDAL RESPONSE:  The LX-Series is equipped with a Progressive Damper Action pedal that accurately conveys the techniques of the most demanding pianists. The pedal has light resistance when first pressed and more resistance as the damper function begins to take effect, replicating the true pedal behavior of an acoustic piano. This continuous tactile response makes it easy for the performer to control the damper function, and also allows for advanced “half-pedal” techniques that provide subtle degrees of control over sustain and resonance.

EXPERIENCE THE TRUE SOUND FIELD OF AN ACOUSTIC PIANO:  The unique sound space that is created when you play an acoustic piano is realized through a complex yet harmonious combination of elements, including resonances among the instrument’s strings, soundboard, and frame. The LX-Series recreates this authentic sound space through Roland’s innovative Acoustic Projection technology, which marries the multi-dimensional audio system found in our flagship V-Piano Grand with the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine. Acoustic Projection employs multiple speakers that are discretely placed to project the piano’s various sound elements from their natural positions. These elements are naturally blended in the air space surrounding you, reproducing the true sound field of an acoustic piano with stunning accuracy.

TEACH & REHEARSE MORE EFFECTIVELY BY PRE-RECORDING:  A great way to get out from behind the piano and in front of students. The built-in recorder in the LX-708 is always at the ready, letting you capture your performances as MIDI data onboard the piano or as AUDIO data to optional USB flash memory. To share your audio performances with your students and families, simply connect the USB flash memory to your computer and transfer the files, and then upload them to your favorite sharing services or social media sites.

REFINED DIGITAL FEATURES BRING MANY PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES:  As a digital instrument, the LX-Series offers many advantages over acoustic pianos, including no need for tuning and other regular maintenance, plus onboard metronome and recording features, silent practice with headphones, USB, and many others. The LX-Series also includes some newly developed digital convenience features that offer further practical benefits for music practice. For example, the Volume Limit function lets you preset a maximum level for the piano’s volume control, providing a great way to prevent students from playing loud sounds unexpectedly. You can also adjust the desired headphones volume separately from the speaker volume, which helps prevent unintended loud sounds from being output through the headphones when they’re plugged in. The LX-Series are equipped with both stereo 1/4-inch and stereo 1/8-inch miniature headphone jacks, allowing you to connect either standard over-ear headphones or the small earphones that are popular with music players and mobile devices.

MOBILITY:  Capital Music Center recommends the optional Jansen J4004 Digital Piano Dolly so that you can easily move the piano around the church, classroom, or stage.

CHOICES:  Choose the best LX Piano Model for your budget and needs CLICK HERE

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