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Roland introduces the PD-140 14″ snare.  It revolutionizes and brings digital snare drumming to a new unprecedented level.  Here are some of the significant features and benefits:

  • Standard acoustic-style 14″ snare
  • 4.3″ deep reflective steel shell
  • 3 ply mesh head with accurate positional detection (detects position as you play from the center of the head toward the edges naturally like and acoustic snare)
  • Advanced multi-element sensor that allows unprecedented playing of dynamics (over a thousand levels of stick sensitivity) producing snare sounds that are natural, detailed, and full of character
  • Automatically allows and detects these playing techniques:  Ghost notes, rim shots, brush sweep, and cross stick playing (the pad senses your hand position and adjusts accordingly)
  • Connects via digital USB cable for high speed data transfer
  • Official Model Number is PD-140DS (PD = Pad, 140 = 14″, DS = Digital Snare)
  • Tech Talk:  multi-sensing meaning they not only have piezo electric sensors but also have electro-static sensor. This is similar technology as used on the touch-screen of your smart phone.
  • The PD-140DS is included with these V-Drum Kits: TD-27KV, TD-50K, TD-50K2, TD-50KV, TD-50KV2, VAD506, VAD706
  • If purchased by itself the PD-140DS sells for about $814
  • Because of its cutting edge technology, the PD-140DS is only designed to work the TD-27 Module, TD-50 Module, and the TD-50X Module.
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