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  • GRAND PIANO is any piano that is horizontal rather than upright and therefore measured in length rather than height. It sits on 3 legs, and the pedals are mounted on a lyre underneath the middle of the keyboard.
  • BABY GRAND PIANOS are about 5′ in length and are generally made more for decoration than for function. Therefore a baby grand is a great decorative piece of furniture but anyone that can play the piano should really consider a parlor grand. (52″ upright pianos have longer bass strings and more soundboard area than a baby grand).
  • PARLOR GRAND PIANOS about 6′ in length and are made for home pianists, musicians, students and piano teachers.
  • SEMI-CONCERT GRAND PIANOS are about 7′ in length and are made for recording studios, small concert halls, churches, and schools, or for the home pianist that has a huge room and simply wants the best sound.
  • CONCERT GRAND PIANOS are about 9′ in length and are made for large venues (churches, schools, concert halls).
  • DIGITAL GRAND PIANOS range from 3′ to 5′ in length. ¬†High quality digital grand pianos like the Roland GP-607 or Roland GP-609 are capable of feeling and sounding like semi-concert grand pianos but without taking up near the space, not to mention they never need tuning or maintenance.
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