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Rental FAQS

Deposit Required as follows:
  • No deposit if you (or your child) are signed up for lessons with a qualified teacher AND you pay us to deliver the instrument
  • 10% deposit if you (or your child) are signed up for lessons with a qualified teacher AND you take the instrument home yourself
  • 25% deposit if there is no teacher or if it is a teacher that is not on the qualified teacher list AND you pay us to deliver the instrument
  • 50% deposit for all other situations
  • The deposit may apply to the purchase of the instrument if purchased or be refunded if the instrument is returned in original delivered condition.
  • Normal wear and tear considered OK.  There is a charge for scratches-beyond-normal, damage, missing parts or pieces, etc.
  • NOTE:  Deposit can be reduced or eliminated if you’d like to apply for our Synchrony Musicians Credit Card

Moving Fees for Electronic Pianos and Electronic Drum Sets:

  • $99 Delivery/Assembly/Pickup Fee applies toward purchase of the HP & LX Piano Models (collected with initial payment)
  • $99 Delivery/Assembly/Pickup Fee for all other electronic piano models and Roland V-Drum Sets.  The $99 fee breaks out as follows:  $74 is collected as the delivery/assembly fee that does not apply toward purchase; $25 is collected as part of the first months rent so that it applies toward the purchase should you purchase the instrument.
  • Stairs/Steps:  $25 per flight (> 3 steps), will not apply toward purchase
  • $1 per mile past ~10 miles, does not apply toward purchase (we can waive the mileage fee for outlying area teachers that we have well established relationships with like Curious Chords in Kyle, Dolce Music in Georgetown, Georgetown Music, Bastrop Music Academy, Clavier-Werke, Velocity Music in Cedar Park, etc.)
  • Extra for after hours delivery/pickup


Q: Is there a commitment to purchase on the rent-to-purchase plan?
A: No, there is no commitment to purchase. You do not have to buy, but each month you rent it you will owe less should you decide you want to own it.  100% of the first 6 months apply toward the purchase and 50% of each month thereafter.

Q: What’s the idea with 100% of the first 6 months applying toward the purchase?
A: Most customers have told us they’d be willing to invest in a good instrument if they had about 6 months to decide whether it was a good fit or not (ie. if child was actually going to stick with lessons).

Q: How do you define “student” to qualify for a rate that was advertised as “student rate”?
A: A student is an adult or a child enrolled in piano or drum lessons with a qualified piano or drum teacher.

Q: Do we have to take lessons from CapMusic to get the student rental rate?
A: No. You can be a student of any qualified piano teacher or drum instructor in the Austin Metro Area. We have a list of over 500 teachers already on the approved list in Austin as well as every city from Georgetown to San Marcos, from Brenham to Marble Falls. If your teacher is not on our list, we can communicate with them to see if they meet the qualifications to be added.

Q: Who is a qualified teacher?
A: A professional piano or drum teacher, usually with a degree in music or education, and teaches many students.  We have a list of over 500 piano or drum teachers in the Austin Metro area, so there’s a good chance your teacher is already on the qualified teacher list.  If they are not, you may provide your teacher’s contact info so we can verify and add them to the qualified teacher list.

A:  Is it basically an installment payment plan?
Q:  Some people do use our rent-to-purchase plan as a payment plan for a variety of reasons which might include:  some customers don’t want to have a credit check (maybe because their credit is not so great, or maybe a house purchase is on the horizon and they don’t want any credit checks, etc), or they simply like the option of being able to return it at anytime if the student loses interest.

Q:  We don’t like to pay interest or rental fees, are there ways to avoid or reduce these fees?
A:  YES!  Pay it off anytime within the first 6 months for same as cash.  At the end of 6 months upon request we can split the remaining balance into 3 equal payments without interest.  With approved credit we can transfer the balance to a 6 month Same-As-Cash option or finance it 12 to 60 months as low as 9.99% APR for pianos, or 13.99% APR for drums.

Q: Are there any additional rental fees or interest charges that are there beyond the price of the piano or drum set?
A: If you pay it off within 6 months there is no interest nor rental fees.  It is considered Same-as-Cash.  You simply have the option to return the piano or drum set should the student lose interest.  One reason to not consider paying it off at the end of 6 months may be if you are concerned that the piano player is on the verge of losing interest in playing the instrument.  You get 100% of the first six months toward the purchase and 50% of each additional month after that toward the purchase.

Q: Is there any penalty for purchasing the instrument before the rent-to-purchase plan has completed?
A: No.  You may pay the instrument off at anytime. (See answer above for more specifics).

Q: Is a credit check required to do the rent-to-purchase plan?
A: No. Just fill out our online rental application including drivers license number and credit or debit card for the monthly payments.

Q: Do you provide any discounts on lessons if we rent or purchase the piano or drum set from CapMusic?
A: Yes. The discount on the lessons is $10 per month for customers renting or that purchase(d) from CapMusic: a) any Roland V-Drum Set that has a USB Flash Drive port that plays MIDI, wav, or MP3 files; b) any Roland Piano on this list:  Teacher Preferred Pianos

Q: Can we pick up the instrument up ourselves?  Do you have a delivery and assembly service?
A: Yes & Yes  (See deposit requirements and moving fees above)

Q: Is the instrument we get new?
A: Yes.  (Alternatively you could choose a demo or a previously rented instrument for a discount if we have one available).

Q:  What if after a few months we decide that we’ve rented too cheap or too expensive of a piano?
A:  No problem, anytime within the first 6 months you can apply all of the rental credit toward an upgraded purchase or half toward a downgraded purchase.

Q:  What if after a few months we decide that we’ve rented too cheap or too expensive of a V-Drum Set?
A:  No problem, anytime within the first 6 months you can apply half of the rental credit toward an upgraded purchase or a quarter of the rental credit toward a downgraded purchase.

Q: Do you rent outside of the Austin Metro Area?
A: No. Our rental area is generally limited to about a 45 mile radius of our one and only store location in Austin, TX.

Q: Are your short term rental units new?
A: No. These are designated rental units and are subject to availability.

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