Yamaha C5 Grand Piano 6′ 7″

$ 62,899.00 $ 25,000.00

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This piano was purchased brand new right here in Austin, TX at Strait Music on June 6, 2008, we have receipt for proof of purchase.  We have this piano on consignment, the original owner of it hand picked this specific piano with the intention of owning it for life…not knowing that 9 years later he would inherit a very high end 7 foot Bechstein Semi-Concert Grand Piano.  This Yamaha Six Foot Seven Inch Conservatory Grand Piano still looks new and is simply heavenly to play.  Made in Hamamatsu, Japan.  We’ve had the piano fully inspected so that we can feel 100% confident in providing a warranty (five years for local customers, one year for non-local).  Hammers indicate very limited playing time on this piano.

How do we determine a fair price?  A new C5 has a list price of over $60,000.  Most Yamaha Piano Dealers would price this piano for $30,000.  Our cost of doing business is much less than your typical piano store because we have have a small showroom, no piano tuner on staff, no big truck or delivery staff to move these big pianos, (contracting out piano moves is much more efficient) and we have about 400 piano students in our music school that provide us a steady income.

We are including local no stair delivery ($200 value), an extra long duet style bench with music storage ($500 value), and one tuning ($155 value).

The C5 is an exciting piano and very hard to find one used, especially as young as this one.  So if you are interested, please hurry.  It won’t be here long.

We are a locally owned and operated Austin piano store here in Austin, TX.

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