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Roland TD-50KVX V-Drums Ultimate Pro Stage Set

$ 10,097.98 $ 7,749.99

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JANUARY 2021:  Limited Edition TD50KV with 22″ Acoustic Bass Drum Shell

How can you possibly improve on the best Roland V-Drum Set has ever made, the TD-50KV?  Add an acoustic 22″ Shell to the Kick Drum!  There are many components that make up a drum kit.  The big three revolutionary components here are the TD-50 Module itself, the new 14″ snare, and the new 18″ ride cymbal.  The snare and the ride cymbal now connect to the brain with a digital data cable to allow thousands of levels of expression, sensitivity, 3 dimensional sensing, and so much more.  The snare features a 3 ply mesh head for the most accurate stick response ever and the ride cymbal can even be muted with the touch of your fingers. With the 22″ bass drum it will be extremely difficult to say whether this drum set is acoustic or digital.

Includes these Capital Music Center Exclusive Extras:

  • Roland KD-220 Acoustic Bass Drum Shell with Trigger in lieu of KD-140 ($1559.99 value)
  • DW Throne ($130 value)
  • DW Single Bass Drum Pedal (upgrade to double bass for $120 extra)
  • DW Hi-Hat Stand ($175 value)
  • DW Snare Stand ($90 value)
  • Roland RH-300V Studio Quality Headphones ($259 value)
  • Vic Firth 5A Drum Sticks ($15 value)
  • Local Customers:  we TRIPLE the manufacturer warranty
  • That’s over $$$ in extra value for buying locally!
  • We are a small company with low overhead and can work out a custom package with the best price and best value for you and provide you with local support and service!

Thinking of this drum set for your church?  We have sold many of these to churches with this feedback:

  • Drummers love them!  The 22″ kick drum is amazing, the snare and ride cymbal are the most expressive ever with the thousand+ levels of sensitivity and multi-position sensing
  • Sound guys love them because of the XLR balanced combined output as well as the balanced individual outputs just as if you were miking an acoustic set
  • Stage managers love getting rid of the unsightly and bulky plexiglass box
  • The whole worship team loves it because everyone feels connected for making music and worship together (without one person being isolated in a box)

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