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Roland TD-50KV2 V-Drums Pro Stage Set

$ 8,399.99

Advantages of buying from Capital Music Center:
  • In store pickup -or- local delivery & assembly upon request
  • Free extended warranty
  • Local help and support from our experienced staff of musicians and drummers
  • See below for more advantages & details
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The brand new updated version of the TD-50KV will now be called the TD-50KV2 and features some pretty significant upgrades.  TD50KV2 Improvements from TD50KV:

  • TD-50X Module (now includes over 900 samples, and more upgrades)
  • Includes the KD180 18″ Acoustic Bass Drum Shell with electronic kick trigger ($1250 value)
  • VH14D Digital Hi-Hat $1149 (instead of VH13)
  • Now includes ONE more PD-108 Tom ($570 value) and Tom bracket ($130 value) to give you 4 toms instead of 3

WOW!  This drum set is the best Roland has ever made.  There are many components that make up a drum kit.  The big three revolutionary components here are the TD-50X Module itself, the 14″ digital snare,, the 18″ digital ride cymbal, and the new 14″ digital hi-hat.  The snare, ride cymbal, and hi-hat now connect to the brain with a digital data cable to allow thousands of levels of expression, sensitivity, 3 dimensional sensing, and so much more.  The snare features a 3 ply mesh head for the most accurate stick response ever and the ride cymbal can even be muted with the touch of your fingers. This V-Drum kit plays with unprecedented sensitivity previously unavailable in an electronic drum kit.

Expand the TD-50X Module with more samples, kits, tweaks, etc:

Includes these Capital Music Center Extras:

  • 18 month Same-As-Cash with approved credit*
  • We extend manufacturer carry-in warranty ONE extra year ($420 value)
  • $600 worth of accessories* (so you can choose optional accessories that you may need or want such as a throne, bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, sticks, headphones, etc.)
  • Your choice of:  In store pickup, free delivery within 100 mile radius, or free shipping within Texas ($150 value)*
    • Upon request we can deliver within 100 mile radius, unbox, assemble AND professionally setup the V-Drum Set in your home so you can start enjoying it right away ($250 value)*
    • NOTE: It typically takes our professional about an hour to assemble this drum kit, then about another 30 minutes setting it up in your home for you to play right away.
  • Local help and support from our experienced staff of musicians and drummers
  • Only store in Texas with at least 6 different Roland V-Drums Models set up and on display to try out.  We are a Premier Roland Dealer which is a program that acknowledges dealers that have teamed with Roland to provide the best end-user experience possible. In addition, customers can expect a wider selection of products by visiting a Roland Premier Dealer.