Roland TD-50KV V-Drums Pro Stage Set

$ 7,749.99

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WOW!  This drum set is the best Roland has ever made.  There are many components that make up a drum kit.  The big three revolutionary components here are the TD-50 Module itself, the new 14″ snare, and the new 18″ ride cymbal.  The snare and the ride cymbal now connect to the brain with a digital data cable to allow thousands of levels of expression, sensitivity, 3 dimensional sensing, and so much more.  The snare features a 3 ply mesh head for the most accurate stick response ever and the ride cymbal can even be muted with the touch of your fingers. Swap the PD-140 (14″ bass drum pad) for the KD-220 (22″ acoustic bass drum shell with kick trigger) and it will be extremely difficult to tell whether this drum set is acoustic or digital.

Expand the TD-50 Module with V-Expressions Drum Expansion Packs with Samples

Includes these Capital Music Center Exclusive Extras:

  • DOUBLE the manufacturer warranty (for non-local customers)
  • TRIPLE the manufacturer warranty (for local customers)
  • DW Throne
  • DW Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • DW Hi-Hat Stand
  • DW Snare Stand
  • Roland RH-300V Studio Quality Headphones
  • Vic Firth 5A Drum Sticks
  • Your choice of either the KD-140 V-Kick Pad or the KD-220 22″ Acoustic Shell with Kick Trigger (click on model for details)
  • That’s over $$$ in extra value for buying locally!
  • We are a small company with low overhead and can work out a custom package with the best price and best value for you and provide you with local support and service!

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