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Roland TD-50K V-Drums Custom Kit with KD-180 18″ Bass Drum

$ 5,499.99

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AWESOME CUSTOM TD-50 V-DRUM KIT with Acoustic Look!

July 2020:  This is a limited edition version of the TD50K with 18″ Acoustic Bass Drum Shell

Here is everything you get new in the box for this incredible deal:

  • Roland TD-50K V-Drum Set ($4999.99 value) which is comprised of the following pieces: one TD-50 drum module, one PD-140DS snare, three PDX-100 tom pads, one VH-11 hi-hat pad, one CY-12C crash cymbal, one CY-13R crash cymbal, one CY-18DR ride cymbal, one KD-120 kick drum pad, one MDS-50K (with internal cable harness), three pad mounts, three cymbal mounts; one module mount
  • Roland KD-180 Acoustic Bass Drum Shell with Trigger in lieu of KD-120 ($1149.99 value)
  • DW3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal ($160 value) {Upgrade to double bass for only $100 extra}
  • DW3500 Hi Hat Stand ($180 value)
  • DW3300 Snare Stand ($110 value)
  • DW3100 Throne ($110 value)
  • 5A drum sticks ($9 value)
  • 6 month same as cash with approved credit
    * Local Customers:  We TRIPLE the Manufacturer Warranty ($199 value)
  • No charge for help and support

WOW!  This drum set is the best Roland has ever made.  There are many components that make up a drum kit.  The big three revolutionary components here are the TD-50 Module itself, the new 14″ snare, and the new 18″ ride cymbal.  The snare and the ride cymbal now connect to the brain with a digital data cable to allow thousands of levels of expression, sensitivity, 3 dimensional sensing, and so much more.  The snare features a 3 ply mesh head for the most accurate stick response ever and the ride cymbal can even be muted with the touch of your fingers.  And with the custom 18″ Acoustic Bass drum shell with Trigger, this drum set is not only SOUNDS awesome, it LOOKS awesome!

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