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Roland TD-27K-SC V-Drums Digital Drum Set

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In our opinion the TD-27K-SC is not a such a great value for any of our customers or potential customers so we do not carry it.

The TD-27 drum module was really designed to work with AND take full advantage of Roland’s highest level snare and ride cymbal, however it does NOT come with those items and instead comes with an inferior 10″ snare and 13″ ride cymbal.  If you buy the TD-27K and then realize you want take advantage of what it was designed to do, then you will have to find a music store (hopefully us!) to purchase the PD-140DS 14″ digital snare, and the CY-18DR 18″ digital ride cymbal, those two items ALONE will cost you $1398 to upgrade to take advantage of the whole reason to get the TD27 drum set to begin with!  We notice that occasionally a warehouse club will run the TD-27K-SC on sale for $2499; then if you purchase the digital snare and digital ride from a music store, then the TD-27K-SC will really cost you $3897!!!  WOW!  That is CRAZY price!  We sell the whole TD-27KV for $2999 and you not only get the digital snare and digital ride, but you also get upgraded toms which are a $750 value, so basically a warehouse that normally saves you money or offers a great value, is not saving nor offering you a great value!

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