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Roland TD-1K Digital Drum Set

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The TD-1K is Roland’s most basic, simplest, and smallest drum set.  Compared to any other brand in this price range, Roland’s TD-1K is definitely an improvement.  HOWEVER, in our experience, almost every customer that comes in to look the TD-1 ends up stepping up to a TD-1DMK, a TD07KV with all mesh heads, but most go with a TD-17 Series which is really not that much more investment you gain:  300 drum sounds that are much more realistic and way more sensitive to stick pressure, mesh pads that play and feel like acoustic snare and toms, 50 pre-programmed kits, upload your own samples, assign any sound to any pad, build up to 50 custom drum kit, USB song play along with speed control, LCD screen that makes it multi-fold times easier to use, bigger toms and cymbals, more adjustability and placement of pads, use any standard acoustic bass drum pedal, ability to add extra pads like a second crash, 4th tom, or bar trigger pad, tutoring functions, bluetooth, and so much more!

View complete specs here: Roland TD-1K

Video Demo:  Overview of Features


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