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Roland RP30 Basic Console Digital Piano

$ 899.99

Advantages of buying this piano from Capital Music Center:
  • In store pickup, local delivery + assembly upon request, or free shipping
  • Rent-to-Purchase Option for Local Customers
  • Top dollar trade-up program
  • See below for more advantages & details
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Standard Features:

  • Budget Friendly Basic Starter Console Digital Piano
  • Hammer action with basic touch sensitivity
  • 3 Pedals
  • Luxury wooden cabinet complements the décor of your family home
  • A selection of 15 tones to help motivate practice every day
  • 2 headphone jacks:  headphone jack #1 has a very unique and exclusive feature that allows the parent to still hear the piano thru its built-in speakers while the student is diligently practicing with headphones; headphone jack #2 mutes the built-in speakers for round-the-clock practice without disturbing the neighbors

Manufacturer Included Items:

  • The RP30 in Rosewood
  • Stand
  • Pedal Board
  • Power Supply
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Three Year Parts and Two Year Labor Warranty

Capital Music Center Advantages:

  • Nothing down, 12 month Same-As-Cash (no interest) with approved credit*
  • Your choice of:  In store pickup, free delivery within 45 mile radius*, or free shipping anywhere within the continental U.S.
  • Top dollar trade up value:  75% within 12 months, 60% within 24 months, 50% within 36 months, etc.
  • Need a bench?
    • Add on a very nice matching rosewood bench with a cushy top and music storage for only $100 (normally adds $143)
    • Add on a basic black padded bench for only $70 (normally adds $100)
    • Add on a small basic black x-style bench for only $40 (normally adds $65)

Step up to the Roland RP-107:  Better Speakers, Better Amp, Better Sound Quality, Significantly upgraded hammer action with vastly superior Touch Sensitivity and a much more realistic Dynamic Range, bluetooth app connectivity, and bluetooth audio input for playing along with the recordings that come with almost every piano method these days.

Piano Buying Tip:  key feel, key touch, and key dynamic range vary significantly from low end pianos and increase gradually as you move up a brands product line from their lowest model to their highest end piano.  So unless you are buying a nine-foot concert grand piano, all pianos, acoustic or digital, have limited levels of touch sensitivity (aka tone color, expression).  In the acoustic piano world:  a spinet piano has less sensitivity than a console, a console has less than a studio, a studio piano has less than a baby grand, a baby grand has less than a parlor grand, a parlor grand less than a concert grand.  Digital pianos are no different.  With any brand of digital piano models lineup, the key feel and key touch sensitivity will increase as the price and quality of the instrument increase.  In our opinion, based on our 35 year experience of selling acoustic and digital pianos and teaching thousands of students in our music studio, we might offer this generalization:

  • digital pianos in the $1000 and under range tend to be like spinet pianos (which acoustic piano manufacturers have not made since the early 2000’s and most piano teachers never really recommended them for their beginning piano students anyway)
  • digital pianos in the $1500-ish range are more like acoustic console pianos (consoles can range from $5K to $8K, but are difficult to find as most piano makers no longer make them)
  • digital pianos in the $3000-ish range tend to be more like studio upright pianos (acoustic upright piano typical cost is about $10K to $18K)
  • digital pianos in the $5000-ish range tend to offer the benefits in key touch and expression more comparable to that of an acoustic grand piano (typical is about $18K to $100K+)

When you are shopping for a digital piano, playing and hearing it in person will answer many questions about WHY a certain digital piano is at a certain price point.  One of our favorite buying tips we’ve had from some of our customers over the years:  to help you narrow your selection down, even if you don’t know how to play you can touch a few keys and even a non-player can feel and hear differences between pianos, play several different digital pianos in store starting in the mid to high range and move down until you feel like you notice a difference in the touch and tone then move up one level.  This would most likely give you an instrument that you or your family would be satisfied with.

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