Roland C-230 Four in One Classic Keyboard: Organ – Harpsichord – Celesta – Fortepiano

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Product Description

Updated February 2017:  We purchased the remaining stock of these from Roland and have a very limited quantity now at ridiculous closeout pricing.  First come first serve.  PLEASE call us for the liquidation price.  We can ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

The Roland C230 is one of the coolest instruments that the Roland Corporation has ever produced.  It was designed to serve the very specialized niche market of musicians, teachers and students in need of a realistic and authentic experience with four classic keyboard instruments in one: Pipe Organ, Harpsichord, Celesta, and Fortepiano.

Who was the C-230 made for?

  • Organists
  • Harpsichordists
  • Orchestras
  • Chamber Music Groups
  • Pianists
  • Piano Teachers
  • Piano Students
  • Churches
  • Choirs

What is the C-230, what does it do, and why in the world did Roland make it?

  • Features 36 classical organ stops from the $50,000 Rodgers Pipe Organ Series
  • 4 French Harpsichord stops from Roland’s $5,000 C30 Harpsichord (With a $10 million bond, Roland is the only electronic instrument in the world allowed to sample, in order to preserve, the only working famous French harpsichord in the world)
  • Fortepiano sound to experience Mozart the way he did (UT has a Cristofori replica fortepiano, a new replica fortepiano kit runs about $40,000)
  • Four historical tuning temperaments to hear Bach the way he heard and composed music in specific keys for specific sonorities using the authentic Baroque and four other temperaments
  • High Quality Portable organ for special uses (choir loft, sunrise services, etc.)
  • Provides orchestras a Celesta sound for the Nutcracker Performance.  Celestas start at $28,000.
  • Outdoor events in need of tuning stability while play the harpsichord
  • 4 channel sound system including 2 movable satellite speakers
  • Most students and musicians would never have the opportunity to experience the incredible authenticity of these instruments otherwise.
  • Notable local C230 Owners:  The Austin Symphony Orchestra, St Louis Catholic Church
Watch this video of classical organist Hector Olivera demonstrating this instrument:  CLICK HERE
Watch a video explaining how this could be an important asset in your piano teaching studio:  CLICK HERE
Specs from Roland’s Website:  CLICK HERE
The C-230 does not include a Bench.  The bench in the Roland pictures runs $300.  Most people purchase a generic keyboard style bench for $50.