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Drum Lessons at Capital Music Center features degreed teachers and maximizes both learning and enjoyment. We offer group and private lessons Monday thru Saturdays. We teach all the basics of learning to play the drums. Students will develop fluent mic reading skills and play many styles of music.

  • Our drum lessons are more effective than traditional lessons because we utilize technologies like the Roland V-Drums, the Roland Music Tutor, the Roland Drum Tutor, iPods, and computers to help students learn at a quicker pace.
  • Group lessons are especially effective because:
    • Learning with other people of similar ability is more fun, it’s like playing in a band.
    • Most students have to practice no matter the “excuse”, to keep up with the group.
    • Students gain confidence playing in front of people.
    • You get an hour lesson each week (that’s double the lesson time compared to a typical private lesson)
  • Private lessons allow you to focus on your specific wants and needs.
  • We want our students to be successful in drum study.
  • Students need to practice on a regular basis and have a drum set at home to practice on every day.
    • We highly recommend the Roland V-Drums Digital Drum set.
    • They take up less room, have many more sound choices, have a computer interface, iPod input, and best of all they have a headphone jack for silent practice.
    • Roland V-Drums are the number one selling digital drums because of their fea-tures, authentic sound quality, and authentic feeling pads or mesh drum heads.
    • We can rent you a Roland V-Drum Set for a low rate and 100% of the first 6 months apply toward the purchase.
  • Our Drum Instructor: Jared Farney received his Masters degree in Music Performance – Jazz Studies, from the University of North Texas.
    • He has studied the drums for over 20 years and has taught private lessons, group lessons and drum lines internationally for over 10 years.
    • He was a marching member of the world renown Santa Clara Van-guard drum line for the 2006 and 2007 seasons.
    • Jared is a Vic Firth educator and tailors each lesson to the specific needs of the students.
  • Students that purchase or rent the Roland TD-11 or TD-15 Series VDrum Sets from Capital Music Center receive a free copy of the Roland VDrums Tutor Software (for PC or Mac) for the ultimate practice experience.
  • Enjoy practice in a fun format when you play along with the onboard patterns and songs using the colorful graphical interface.
  • Learn drumming step-bystep from beginning to intermediate levels.
  • Improve your sight-reading with the Notation Screen, and enjoy drumming with Game screen.


  • Registration Fee:$25.00
  • Materials Fee: Music books and materials are selected and charged as needed. Students will need materials to start lessons and as students progress and grow musically, they will naturally need more books to continue this progress.
    • Initial materials needed are: Pair of 5A sticks, Book, MIDI Files, Wave Files, Music Stand.
  • Monthly Tuition: $130.
    • Tuition discounts available:
      • Save $10 per month for each additional family member enrolled.
      • Note 1:Tuition will not increase nor will you owe another registration fee as long as you remain a continuous student.
      • Note 2: Credit or Debit Card required to be on file for monthly auto-charge of tuition/tutor payments, and materials as needed.
  • Tuition due the 1st of each month, late fees for late payments.
  • Our monthly tuition is based on 46 lessons per year of which may include a recital or performance opportunity.
  • Summer lessons can be scheduled around vacations and breaks; includes your choice of two camps and two lessons, one camp and six lessons, or ten lessons.
  • If tuition is ever pro-rated it is pro-rated at $37.50 per lesson.


I agree to a 4 month or semester’s commitment for my child. Withdrawal from lessons requires a 30-day written notice. Regular attendance is necessary for musical growth. Make ups for absences (illness, travel, choice, etc) are not available because of teacher’s schedules. Please contact teacher for missed assignments. Teacher absences will be made up or a discount in tuition will be applied.
I understand that I am permitted to watch my child’s lesson if I so choose. I also understand that Capital Music Center is not responsible for any unattended children before, during, or after lessons. If I choose to drop off my child for their lesson, I will be at the store promptly at the end of the lesson to pick up my child. I will ensure that any children under my care are supervised at all times.
Participation in our program permits us to take photographs, and make audio or video recordings of students for the purposes of advertising, promoting and increasing awareness of our lesson program, and for you to share with family and friends. Capital Music Center will own the copyright of such photographs and audio and video recordings and as such may publish the same in any medium.
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