Mary Grace Pruet is a piano teacher and creator. She majored in Music with a Piano Pedagogy focus at San Jacinto College. Teaching has been her love since she began at the age of 14. During her teaching at The Piano Studio in Houston, Jarrett Marcel taught her how reduce the process of reading sheet music to make it digestible and possible for beginners. Under the wing of Dr. Sarah Spencer, head of the music program at San Jacinto College, she learned advanced teaching techniques applicable to composers such as Ravel, Liszt, and Debussy. She was also taught by a Juilliard professor, Dr. Jimmy White. He taught the subtleties of composers, such as Debussy and Liszt, and the way that music can be a sort of audible painting. Mary Grace’s charisma combined with plentiful knowledge makes the learning process pleasant and easily understandable, no matter the age of the student. Though she is primarily a classical pianist, her curriculum consists of ear training, theoretical knowledge, and improvisation if the student wishes. Her flexibility in teaching style makes it possible for Mary Grace to meet the student where they’re at, and go on to greater things.

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